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Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water Corporation

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We service approximately 72,000 people living either on farms (12,000 properties supplied) or in one of 71 urban centres (32,400 properties). We operate water and wastewater treatment plants in many of our 71 towns, utilise desalination technology, operate numerous recycled water schemes and run pipelines, major storages, dams, weirs and pump stations to service our customers. GWMWater is also resource manager for groundwater and surface water and licencing. Our water services are provided for use in and around homes, in business, on farms, for environmental purposes and for recreational and sporting uses for community benefit. Our wastewater services operate mainly in our larger towns and involve extensive recycling for watering sporting fields, parks and gardens, vineyards and agricultural uses.


  • Number & Street Name: 11 McLachlan Street
  • City / Town: Horsham
  • Postcode: 3400


  • Telephone: 1300 659 961
  • Fax: 03 5381 9881
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.